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Greenhouse gas emissions accounting & measurement, reporting and verification (MRV)


Our advisory services are underpinned by deep knowledge of greenhouse gas emissions accounting frameworks and regulatory requirements for emissions monitoring and reporting (MRV). Expertise includes deep understanding of:


  • Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) requirements for national greenhouse gas inventories

  • European Union emissions trading scheme monitoring regulations (MRR)

  • United States EPA Greenhouse Gas Reporting Programme (GHGRP)

  • Clean development mechanism (CDM) methodological design and implementation


Clients include: UK Government; UNFCCC Secretariat; IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme; the Global Gas Flaring Reduction Public Private Partnership (GGFR); various public and private sector entities 


Project examples:

Biomass and CCS: guidance for accounting for negative emissions IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme


Biomass energy combined with CCS can remove CO2 from the atmosphere - oftem referred to as "negative emissions". A key issue for undertaking negative emissions projects is that whilst countries can account for these within national GHG inventories under the UNFCCC, the incentive cannot be readily passed on to project developers in national polices such as emissions trading schemes. Carbon Counts undertook a detailed review of accounting methodologies and procedures applicable to BECCS, and assessed the policy options for incentivising and accounting for potential negative emissions. A summary paper is available here.

Support in CDM project and New Methodology development
Government of Norway, Shell, BP

Carbon Counts have undertaken numerous assignments helping clients design, prepare and submit Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects. Recent work includes developing a New Methodology (NM) and Project Design Document (PDD) for CCS projects, in partnership with Carbon Limits, for the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy. Carbon Counts' Directors have also helped Shell to develop a PDD for a gas-fired project in Nigeria and BP in the submission of a CCS CDM methodology for the In Salah Project in Algeria.  

Monitoring & Reporting Guidelines for Flare Reduction CDM Projects World Bank GGFR Partnership


Working with Camco and a range of oil and gas comanies, Carbon Counts assisted the World Bank GGFR Partnership in developing monitoring and reporting guidelines for flare reduction projects undertaken as CDM projects. The guidelines were developed as part of a programme of work designed to improve the effectiveness of existing CDM methodologies applied to GHG reduction projects in the upstream oil and gas sector.

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