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Climate finance and economics


We are able to provide exemplary economic and finance advice to clients, building on our deep technical knowledge of energy and industrial systems and our experience in the design and implementation of climate policy, regulation, finance and incentives. Our work has helped clients to understand:


  • Competitiveness and leakage impacts of carbon pricing policies and measures

  • The scope for climate finance to support emerging carbon abatement technologies


Clients include: the International Council for Mining and Metals; the World Bank; Climate Strategies.


Project examples:

Assessing national carbon policies and competitiveness
International Council for Mining and Metals

Carbon Counts worked with the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) to assess the potential financial and economic impacts for the mining and metals industry arising from carbon policies implemented across various jurisdictions. Carbon Counts led the quantitative assessment aspects of the study, which involved modelling of carbon and electricity price effects on key performance indicators including production cost, investment, EBITDA and sales revenues. Impacts, and sensitivities to key policy variables, were assessed for key commodities including coal, copper, iron ore and aluminium, and policy analysis and recommendations made. 

The role of climate finance in supporting CCS in developing countries
The World Bank 

In repsonse to a request from the World Bank, Carbon Counts, in collaboration with Climate Focus, undertook a comprehensive review of the potential flows and mechanisms for future climate finance, including project- and sector-based market instruments, and assessed their potential interaction with possible financing needs for CCS in developing countries over coming decades. The study is one of a series five studies carried out in support of the World Bank's CCS Trust Fund. 

Studies of carbon leakage and carbon price impacts
Climate Strategies; confidential clients

Carbon Counts have undertaken several studies developed for Climate Strategies and the Carbon Trust in support of their programme to understand technical, policy and economic aspects of carbon costs and carbon leakage within key industry sectors such as cement, iron and steel and mining and the development of appropriate responses. Carbon Counts also recently undertook, in partnership with ERM, an economic assessment of the impacts (carbon costs; operational cost increases) upon a multinational mining and metals company arising from the introduction of a carbon tax scheme in South Africa. 

Financing a CO2 network in the North East of England
One North East RDA

Working with Element Energy, Carbon Counts assisted the former North East of England Regional Developement Agency (One North East) to assess options for investment into a CO2 pipeline network for the Teeside cluster of industrial and energy related emissions sources. 


Work continues on this topic under the auspices of the Teesside Collective.

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