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Training and capacity building


A core part of our services continues to be the provision of high quality training and capacity-building for developing countries. We are able to draw on our range of experience across different fields and jurisdictions to advise policy-makers, regulators and private sector developers on various aspects of emission reduction technologies. Our work has helped clients to gain a better understanding of:


  • Offset project design and the clean development mechanism (CDM)

  • Carbon capture and storage

  • Carbon dioxide reuse

  • Monitoring and regulation of oil & gas production, gas utlisation and gas flaring


Clients include: the World Bank; International Energy Agency; IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme


Project examples:

Study Tour and Training Course for Botswana officials
The World Bank, Botswana Government

As part of an study to assess the potential for CCS in Botswana, Carbon Counts designed and implemented a CCS Training Course for a delegation from the Botswana Department of Geological Survey and the Botswana Department of Environmental Affairs. The training course was part of a two week CCS Study Tour which took the delegation to see CCS activities in South Africa, the UK and Texas. The four day CCS Training Course was delivered with the Bureau of Economic Geology at the University of Texas at Austin, and several international experts including the IEAGHG and CO2CRC. The course covered all aspects of CCS, with hands-on exercises in storage site design and simulation, and visits to a pilot post-combustion capture plant and to a large-scale CO2-EOR project

Linking CO2-EOR with CCS workshop 
International Energy Agency

Carbon Counts assisted the IEA in preparing, conducting and communicating the findings of a workshop with OPEC on CO2-EOR and CCS. The workshop was held for 2 days in Kuwait City in February 2012, and involved a range of industry, IEA and OPEC member experts on the topic. The results of the workshop were synthesized in a report available at the IEA's website (or click on the link below).

Mexico Regulators Study Tour The World Bank GGFR, CNH, SENER & AER


Carbon Counts worked with the Alberta Energy Regulator to design and run a study tour for representatives from Mexico's Comision Nacional de Hidrocarburos (CNH) and Ministry of Energy (SENER) to Alberta, Canada. The purpose of the tour was for officials to learn about Alberta's approach to hydrocarbon regulation, and in particular measurement, reporting and verification standards for associated gas flaring and utilisation. 

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