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Carbon Counts undertakes technical, economic and policy oriented consulting assignments for private and public sector clients in the field of energy & climate change. The company draws on the 25 years research and consulting experience of its Directors. We also associate with other experts to provide multi-disciplinary support for larger assignments.


Carbon Counts is an independent consultancy providing a range of advice in the field of climate change. It has a focus on international climate change policy, in particular technology development, deployment, financing and regulation.  

Our expertise includes:


  • climate and energy policy and legislation development 

  • quantitative modelling and analysis

  • low carbon policy design, including carbon pricing, market mechanisms, emissions accounting, and measurement reporting and verification (MRV) methods and standards

  • emission reductions strategies for heavy industry and the oil & gas sector

  • power sector, including renewable energy, geothermal energy, and carbon capture, utilisation and storage
  • bioenergy and biofuels policy

  • wastewater treatment and biodigestion technology 



Carbon Counts' Directors advises both public and private sector organisations on energy & climate related matters. Our clients include:


  • national governments

  • multilateral development banks

  • industry trade associations

  • intergovernmental organisations

  • Fortune 500 companies


Our sector expertise includes:


  • governments

  • oil & gas

  • mining

  • cement

  • water & waste

  • academia

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