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  • Paul Zakkour

Study tour to Alberta with Mexico's CNH, SENER and PEMEX

Carbon Counts, working with ECA and TUV-NEL for the World Bank's Global Gas Flaring Reduction Public-Private Partnership, developed and led a capacity-building study tour in conjunction with Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) for Mexico's hydrocarbon regulators - Comision Nacional Hidrocaburos (CNH), plus PEMEX and the Ministry of Energy (SENER).

The group learned about Alberta's approaches to monitoring, reporting and verification of gas utilisation, gas flaring and gas venting in oil production. The lessons-learned will be used when the market in Mexico opens to foreign oil companies, to reduce natural gas wastage and fugitive emissions from Mexico's hydrocarbon sector.

Note: AER and CNH have a memorandum of understanding to cooperate on regulaotry developments since2014

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