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  • Gregory Cook

Strengthening climate action in Malawi and Mozambique

As an implementing partner of the NDC Partnership, Carbon Counts is supporting national efforts to enhance NDCs under the Paris Agreement through the Climate Action Enhancement Package (CAEP).

The work, supported by the CAEP Technical Assistance Fund (TAF) will assist the Government of Malawi in enhancing its NDC and developing an effective framework for its implementation through 2040, including identifying suitable GHG mitigation and adaptation measures and identifying how these can be effectively embedded within sectoral policies and plans over the coming decades. The work will also support the Government of Mozambique in the development of its economy-wide long-term low emissions development strategy (LT-LEDS) to 2050.

Working closely with local experts and partners, both projects will provide important inputs to international efforts to strengthen climate action ahead of COP26 next year, and build upon Carbon Counts’ extensive expertise in NDC and LT-LEDS support within Africa and globally.

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