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  • Greg Cook

Supporting governments worldwide with NDC Implementation

The Paris Agreement provides the framework by which countries contribute

to national GHG reduction targets as part of international efforts to tackle climate change. Carbon Counts continues to assist governments worldwide in developing these Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and assessing the policies and measures needed to implement them over the coming years.

Working alongside ECA and local experts, Carbon Counts has recently been requested to assist the Government of the Philippines to assess the role of carbon pricing to help achieve the country's ambitious NDC mitigation targets. The project, supported by the World Bank PMR Program, will undertake economic and technical analysis of how different policy instruments could drive emissions reduction efforts within the country's GHG-intensive energy sector, and how these could best be designed to avoid economic impacts upon households and industry. Carbon Counts has also recently been requested by the Government of Rwanda to undertaken a detailed assessment of mitigation options across energy, transport, waste, industry, agriculture and forestry in order to prioritise measures for its NDC implementation.

These projects build upon Carbon Counts' expertise in NDC development, including recent completion of Zimbabwe's NDC mitigation plan (undertaken alongside ECA) and Chile's NDC Implementation Plan in the energy sector (undertaken with Chile-based consultancy E2Biz). Carbon Counts has also recently joined the NDC Partnership as an Associate Member.

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