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  • Greg Cook

Carbon Counts becomes member of the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN)

The CTCN was established by the COP16 in Cancun to help drive the transfer of climate technologies in developing countries. The Network provides technical assistance as well as creating access to information and knowledge on climate technologies aimed at mitigation and adaptation. The Network includes a growing number of regional and sectoral experts including academics, consultants and public and research institutions. Carbon Counts’ membership of the CTCN is based upon our expertise in climate mitigation and our track record of providing policy and technical support to a number of developing countries since our formation in 2008. This includes our work supporting national governments and regulators across Africa, Latin America and Asia. Membership will allow us to play a key role in information sharing and capacity building, providing technical assistance and participating in outreach and networking activities worldwide. More information on the work of the CTCN can be found at

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