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  • Paul Zakkour

Accelerating technology that converts sunlight into fuel

Carbon Counts hosted a half-day workshop to assess the feasibility and options for introducing an Inducement Prize for Artificial Photosythesis under the European Commission's Horizon 2020 programme.

The work forms part of larger study being led by Ecorys and partners* on behalf of the European Commission, DG Research and Innovation.

Artificial Photosynthesis technologies consist of a range of emerging technologies, including photocatalytic watersplitting devices, synthetic biological systems and co-electrolysis processes. Progress in R&D in these types of emerging technologies could soon feature as a an area for future Horizon Prize as part of the Inducement Prize process being run by DG RTD.

Our inputs involve:

- Preparing initial prize design concepts

- Evaluating different concepts against the Horizon Prize design philosophy

- Making an outline of how a Horizon Prize for Artificial Photosynthesis could be developed.

The study is due for completion later on in 2016.

* the University of Sheffield, WIP, Athens University E3M Lab, RaL and Nova Institut

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