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  • Paul Zakkour

European Commission launches Horizon Prize for CO2 Reuse

Following on from Carbon Counts' work with DG Climate Action in 2015, DG Research & Innovation today launched Europe's Horizon Prize for CO2 Reuse. The prize is one of three newly-launched challenge contests under Horizon 2020, taking the Commission's total prize programme to twelve with a value exceeding €17 million.

The CO2 Reuse prize will run from now until April 2019, over which time entrants will be required to make efforts to improve CO2 utilisation rates in their process with a view to demonstrating that the technology can make a contribution towards Europe's emission reduction ambitions. The entrant showing the greatest improvements, and/or with the greatest efforts made in overcoming barriers to such improvements, will be the winner of a single, non-recourse, €1.5 million payment.

We look forward to seeing how the prize programme develops and the level of interest achieved, especially in light of the recent XPrize launch in the same field with a significantly larger reward.

More information can be found on the Horizon Prize website:

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